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Sundance Gold Safari

Posted by Sundance on 11th October 2011

Sundance Gold Safari

Sundance Gold Safari

Hi folks!

My name is Sundance and I am offering you the adventure of a lifetime! You’ve heard of the great African Safari where all you come home with is a bunch of cool photos, but our Safari is a little different because you are going home with real Gold!

I am a third generation miner and I’ve learned my trade through a lot of hard work and many disappointments, but it’s the gold in the bottom of my pan that keeps me going. I have done very well as a prospector over the years and have several wonderful claims in central Arizona.  I have decided to open up my claims to a few lucky people who might be interested in changing their life and learning the art of real gold prospecting.

You might ask why in the world would you do this Sundance? Just keep all of the gold for yourself!! But I love prospecting… to be out in the wilds of Arizona, exploring, digging, & ultimately finding the gold in the bottom of my pan. There is nothing like it and I want to share the excitement and exhilarating fun of gold prospecting in one of the most beautiful areas in the whole state of Arizona with you.

Vacuuming For Gold

Vacuuming For Gold

The San Domingo placer belt, just outside of Wickenburg Arizona, is known for some of the purest gold in the United States (some as pure as 22 to 24 karat) and it is crystalline gold which is very beautiful & unique.

Here is what you can expect from a Sundance Gold Safari:

  • A trip by ATV or truck to the back country. Not many people get back into these remote areas, so you will see some beautiful sites along the way.
  • We will spend some time talking about the history of the area and explaining the lay of the land. Understanding the geography of the land and ancient riverbeds is vital in finding the gold.
  • We’ll then select some locations to do some digging.
    • We typically use a method called crevicing.
    • Using a gas powered vacuum, we work around areas of the streambed to gather our material.
    • Once we’ve collected several bags of material, we’ll head back to the shop.
  • Modern Tools

    Modern Tools for the Modern Prospector

    At the shop, you will learn how to use several of the basic tools of the modern prospector.

    • Using a classifier
    • Using a gold pan
    • Using a trommel
    • Using a sluice box
    • Using a spiral panning machine
    • How to save the gold you’ve found
      • Snuffer Bottles
      • Funnels
      • Glass Vials
  • And finally, our 100% golden guarantee.
    • If you don’t find any gold, the adventure is on us!
    • It happens, but not very often.
    • Where else can you get a guarantee like that?
      • A friend of mine recently went deep sea fishing in Hawaii. He chartered a private boat and spent 8 hours out on the water and didn’t catch a thing. Do you think the Captain told him that the trip was free? Not a chance and not even a discount… full price for no action.
      • That isn’t going to happen on a Sundance Gold Safari, because we stand behind our adventure 100%.

What do you need to bring with you?

  • A camera is a must.
    • The back country of Arizona is beautiful and I know you’ll want to remember digging and vacuuming too.
  • A hat & sun screen.
    • The desert sun can be pretty intense even during the cooler months.
  • Dress for the occasion.
    • You are going to be digging in rocks and dirt.
    • You are in the desert where there are cactus and other needled plants.
    • Gloves, shirt, jeans or other heavy material pants, & good closed toe shoes
  • Drinks other than water.
    • We will provide plenty of cold water for you, but if you prefer something else, please bring it along.
    • We ask that you do not bring alcohol on the adventure.

Are you ready to experience the Gold Safari? It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner just starting out or a seasoned prospector, you are guaranteed to find some gold and have a great time doing it.

Space is limited, so give us a call right now and reserve your spot!

Sundance Gold Safari – (928) 231-2591

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